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Oil Change in San Francisco

Oil Change in San Francisco | My Mechanic

The oil change is one of the least expensive auto services that achieves incredible results. After your vehicle receives an oil change in San Francisco at My Mechanic, it will run cleaner, livelier and safer. Both you and your vehicle will be happy. You’ll be happy because of the affordable cost of the oil change and your vehicle will be happy because of its freshly lubricated parts.

Many people believe it’s okay to bypass an oil change. For instance, instead of getting their vehicle’s oil changed every 3,000 miles, they get it changed every 6,000 miles. Immediate side-effects of overdue oil changes may not be evident to the driver, but, under the hood of the vehicle, damage is being done. When dirty oil circulates within the engine, parts tend to wear out or fail completely. When this occurs, the repair costs can be ten times more than a standard oil change.

Bottom line: get your oil changed regularly and correctly. To ensure it is done correctly, trust your friends at My Mechanic.

The benefits of frequent oil changes are endless. Your vehicle runs at its optimal level and in a smoother fashion. Your vehicle will also benefit from:

  • Removal of engine sludge
  • Increased engine lubrication
  • Prolonged engine life
  • Increased horse power
  • Reduced operating temperatures
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